Vicki Wong,

"From starting to see Vicky both as a personal trainer and in classes, I have felt my body become very lean, more flexible and definitely stronger. My friends and family have commented on how good my body looks.  I feel physically healthy and have lots of energy." 

John Kilgannon,

" Before taking the decision to start training with Vicky I'd got myself into a rut both physically and mentally. Within a couple of weeks I could feel the physical benefits in my core strength but more importantly my motivation was rising all the time. In less than nine months I had gone from being unfit and overweight to successfully crossing the line at the UK Ironman. Always good fun, with great results!!"

Jan Garrity,

“Before working with Vicky I'd been regularly practising Yoga for quite a few years and always been very slim, although having had a baby 2 years previously meant I'd put on weight which I was struggling to shift and I was comfort eating a lot - I'd never watched what I ate in a sensible way. Despite my developing Yoga practise I felt I had very little strength in my core, and found stomach exercises a real effort. I'd been trying to change my lifestyle (stopped smoking / some dietary changes) after having high cholesterol and high blood pressure since my pregnancy, and losing my dad, who was very young but suffered heart and liver disease from aged 40 made me assess my health in a more serious way - at aged 40 myself I wanted to be fit and healthy for my daughter.

I didn't really have fears or worries since I'd trained a little with Vicky at her retreat, and been to her Yoga classes, and I know she is fantastic at her job as well as being down to earth and treats everybody equally with respect.

Each session was different, challenging and 'fun', and I immediately felt it was such a worthwhile thing to be doing for myself. We made a lot of positive dietary changes pre-detox, during and post-detox too. Vicky was so supportive and encouraging and full of good advice. My efforts were being monitored and supported by Vicky every step of the way.

As promised, I have enjoyed results such as dropping inches of body fat and increased ability to run (over 2 minutes faster when running a mile), do sit ups, press ups and squats.

Now my fitness has sky-rocketed and I try to be active as much as possible. I really enjoy getting breathless when exercising and increasing my heart-rate, and run for pleasure, which I never dreamed of doing in my life! My attitude to food has changed and I have learned a lot about nutrition and how I can maintain a healthy, well-balanced approach to eating which is life-changing. I have had comments from friends and colleagues about how good I look and my husband is very proud of me. I feel like I am heading into winter with energy and vitality and not wanting to hibernate, eat junk and sleep...! Can't thank you enough Vicky, lots of love chick x”

Janet Wilson

“ I am one of those people that wants to look good, fit into my clothes and run around with my son without gasping for air.  I'd noticed that my metabolism had slowed down over the last two years and kept making that the excuse for not fitting into my clothes.  Having tried everything from gyms, numerous diets and even a few charity runs, I turned to Vicky "

Working with her is great and whilst Vicky is your mentor - you control your destiny.  The more you put in the more you get out of it.  Within three weeks my fitness levels had increased and inches were lost.   I was amazed and so pleased to prove to myself that with some effort I was seeing real results.  I just wish I had taken some photos of my jeans before and after because honestly - I couldn't believe it.

The exercises are varied and fun, the food is nutritious and filling.  I have so much more energy and even look forward to exercise.  For me there is no going back now!”