Personal Training with Vicky

Body Confidence Coach & Creator of the HAPPY Formula


Vicky works with men and women who have come to a crisis point in their lives and have suddenly woken up one day realising they are overweight, stressed, unhappy and unhealthy.

Often professionals or business owners with children who have spent most of the last 10 years putting other people first, Vicky provides a full transformation that goes much deeper than just losing a few pounds.

Vicky helps her clients turn their lives around, become confident in their own skin again and return back to feeling vibrant and full of energy.

Fitting it in is made easy by Vicky coming to you, flexible arrangements allow you to slot in sessions around your work and family commitments.  You will learn how to implement healthy living into your existing lifestyle so that it becomes a way of life.

All personal training packages come with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee because when working with Vicky, failure is never an option!  You won’t be let off the hook, Vicky will ensure you enjoy your sessions but also that you work hard and give yourself something to feel great about every day!

Unlike other trainers Vicky does not accept any drop in clients, she only delivers what works, and 12 years’ experience has taught Vicky that mental attitude is the key component for success.  Applicants wanting to work with her must show a real commitment to achieving their goals and a willingness to change, learn and strive for something better.


Initial consultation and training session - £45


All packages are completely bespoke and will be created after the initial consultation.  This is to ensure you think you can work with Vicky and that she feels you are suitable for one of her programmes.


If you are successful in your initial consultation and wish to speak to Vicky’s former clients before committing to a package this is highly encouraged,