A Healthy Active Positive Physical You


In six weeks

Gain up to 100% more confidence.
Drop 7 -14lbs
Double your flexibility
Achieve lasting results.

Sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday 7.30pm

Ian Robinson Sports Centre @ Merchant Taylors Boy's School


Would you enjoy life more if you were in better condition?

People say they’d  do anything to feel and look like their old self, then make a thousand excuses not to start the simple steps that will lead to a happier life.

How long will you hide behind your excuses?

In this six week course, unlike other boot camps, there’s no fear factor, small groups ensure individual attention and lots of support.

The programme includes a herbal detox, nutritional support, exercise and relaxation.

If you stick to your goals and commit to the programme the results are guaranteed.




Frequently asked Questions!

What is included in the programme?

12 Fit-Camp Sessions, detox supplements, meal plan, hand-outs and 100% results guarantee.

Who is it for?

Anybody experiencing any of the following: high stress levels, weight gain, exhaustion, feeling bloated, poor skin or hair, energy slumps, feeling unhappy or depressed, low self-confidence.

What do I have to do?

Commit to 2 training sessions per week, follow our nutritional guidelines (no calorie counting) & keep an exercise and nutrition log.  There will be evening and daytime options.

What are the fitness sessions like?

Sessions will be demanding but are tailored to the group and include lots of options and variations to suit different abilities.  You will never be unable to join in.

I can’t afford it?
Most people spend £5 a day on fast food, alcohol or cigarettes that are poisoning them not to mention unused gym memberships or slimming world classes year after year. Give up any one of these and you can afford the programme.  Can you afford not to do it?

Can I do this if I am really unfit?
Absolutely, this is exactly why you need to.  The small group numbers mean every session can be specifically tailored and suitable for you as an individual.  Don’t assume everybody else will be fit already.

Where will the sessions be held?

Ian Robinson Sports Centre at Merchant Taylors Boy's School.  The cost is all included in your one off fee and you won’t need to bring any equipment.




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telephone on 07791 228 487

Don’t spend another year Hiding Behind Baggy Clothes!





  • Julie, Formby

    I have lost 7lbs and 5 inches, Vicky thanks so much for your help and support and your no nonsense approach.

  • Jamie, St Helens

    I worked with Vicky and have achieved the impossible.  I lost two stone and ran my first marathon.  I can't recommend Vicky enough.

  • Helen, Liverpool

    I am so excited because for the first time in years I am hitting the beach confident with my body.  The detox was amazing and feeling so great at the end has led to me making huge changes in my diet.  This combined with Vicky's workouts and tips for healthy living have led to inches of weight-loss.

  • Dani, Crosby

    I have always been a yo yo dieter and have put weight on and off for years.  I can honestly say I feel like this time its for good.  There is no calorie counting, no skipped meals and no shakes, just a new understanding of what I put in my body and a fresh attitude to exercise.  I can honestly say its the first time ive ever done any exercise that I enjoyed.  If you are anything like me you have to try out working with Vicky.

  • Caroline, Wirral

    I have been doing Vicky's classes for years and wanted to step up my training and lose those extra pounds.  Doing Vicky's six week programme has been amazing, you get one to one attention and an action plan that really fits into your life.  We all know what we should be doing but Vicky teaches us how to implement it within our own life.  If you want to lose weight and feel fabulous sign up now before its fully booked.

  • Neil, Liverpool

    I was really nervous about joining a class due to being overweight and unfit.  I really didn't need to worry, all the exercises were achievable and never was I made to feel uncomfortable.  The environment was nothing but supportive and best of all ive lost 10llbs and am well on my way to achieving the new me that ive dreamed about for years.